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Technisch-Wissenschaftliche Software


Pass-by-Noise System 24-bit Multilanguage

This is the latest version of the Pass-by-Noise System  with a Multilanguage User interface. It contains all features inkluding Data-Collection. Data-Collection however needs the hardware and the personel key to operate. You may download this file for free (It is the personel key and the hardware we sell).
It does everything except for those functions that require measurement hardware. You can simulate measurements, watch the ON-LINE-analysis features, try the OFF-LINE analysis routines and so on. 

Guided tours help you to get familiar with the system.

Current 16-bit-program ECE51 RC1 version August 5th 2013

This is the latest German version of the Pass-by-Noise System exclusively for customers who have purchased the system.
To unpack this file you need a password that is available upon request.

Demo Avi collection and CODEC in English language

Here you find a collection of Avi Files with english comment demonstrating some of the features of the Pass-by-Noise-Measurement System. 

Demo version of Loss-Factor-Test-System in English language

Here you find a DEMO Version of our Test-System for Loss-factor and E-modulus.